My Services


General Psychological Support

I have extensive experience in working with adolescents and adults, across a range of issues. The therapy I provide includes assistance with depression and low mood; generalised anxiety or specific phobias; major life transitions such as parenthood; work stress; grief and loss; relationship difficulties; and low self-esteem or confidence issues.

The essential aim of my therapy is to enable you to be the best version of yourself, creating lasting and meaningful changes to enjoy life fully. We can begin this therapeutic process by:


  1. Increasing awareness about your mind and thoughts, the stories you have about yourself as a person, other people and the world; and

  2. Recognising your unhelpful patterns of behaviour.


Together, we would formulate a plan for changing the relationship you have with your thoughts, and creating new patterns of behaviour that are more workable actions, in-line with how you want to be as a person. 


Antenatal and Postnatal Support

Newborn Baby

Sessions offer a therapeutic space for pregnant women or new parents to explore their issues or concerns.

My particular passion is providing support to families in the period from conception through to birth and into the postnatal period. The transition into parenthood can be a joyous but demanding time for families, particularly with all of the unexpected challenges that come with having a child. Along the reproductive journey, some may encounter difficulty conceiving, loss or termination, health concerns for the baby, stress around the birth or birth trauma/complications.


If you are struggling with anxiety and low mood in pregnancy or post natal anxiety or depression after the birth of your baby, I can support you through this exciting but vulnerable life stage. I thoroughly enjoy working with parents in managing parenting challenges, helping you to be the parent you want to be. I can also support families with the relationship dynamic changes that come with having a new addition to the family.




Providing group based support for parents on a range of topics including mindfulness parenting strategies; cognitive strategies for coping with anxiety and low mood during parenthood; and addressing common parenting challenges in managing child behaviours.


I have extensive experience in running parenting based workshops, and am a trained facilitator in the Tuning into Kids Program. I am also a trained facilitator in the Playsteps Program, aimed at supporting meaningful and positive interactions between parent and child through play. 


Watch this space for groups in 2021!